Venezuelan President Maduro Visits Algeria

Venezuelan President Maduro Visits Algeria

In the early hours of Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Algeria after a 6-day visit to China.


Venezuelan President Maduro Takes Stock of His China Tour

«I thank Aymene Benabderrahmane, the Prime Minister of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, for the reception and meeting we held during our time in this nation, with which we are united in deep friendship and commitment to a new world,» I have written on social networks.

Maduro assured that both nations «will continue to expand their cooperative relations for the development of their people.»

The Bolivarian leader also visited this African country in June 2022, when he announced the creation of a bilateral commission to develop an «economic, energy, trade, and cultural map», in order to relaunch relations at a «higher level» .

XI JINPING to MADURO: «China will continue to firmly support Venezuela’s efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, national dignity, and social stability, as well as Venezuela’s just cause of opposing external interference. I’m pleased to join you in announcing the elevation of…

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September 14, 2023

A year later, both countries signed a dozen cooperation agreements in areas such as air transport and energy. This happened during a meeting of the bilateral commission in Caracas, where the Algerian Agriculture Minister Mohamed Abdelhafid Henni was visiting.

Venezuela and Algeria have maintained diplomatic relations since 1971 and signed over 20 cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding in the political, cultural, energy, commercial, scientific, communication, legal, transportation, educational, and electoral areas.

On Thursday, Maduro concluded a visit to China that culminated in the signing of a «Strategic Alliance Against All Odds» with President Xi Jinping, who expressed his country’s support for Venezuela’s efforts to defend its sovereignty.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, held a meeting this Saturday with the general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CCP) of Shenzhen, Huang Kunming#Venezuela #China

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September 9, 2023

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