SquadLocker Navigating Supply Issues With Confidence And Solutions

WARWICK, R.I., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Across the country, the much-anticipated return to sports is in full swing. While…

WARWICK, R.I., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Across the country, the much-anticipated return to sports is in full swing. While excitement is running high, so is the stress placed on administrators. The supply chain challenges consumers have faced for more than 18 months are continuing to stress the apparel market, leaving many coaches and league administrators unsure if their players will have a uniform come game day.

«The apparel industry is at a disadvantage when the supply chain is stressed like this,» says Gary Goldberg, CEO of custom apparel company SquadLocker. «Many interdependencies must be met perfectly to create the final piece.  When one component becomes scarce, the ability to manufacture the product becomes impossible.»

In addition to supply chain challenges, retailers are looking to restock their shelves to support massive pent-up demand and meet the back-to-school and holiday buying boom. This competition for goods has quadrupled the cost of shipping across the Pacific and pushed port times in some regions from hours to weeks.

And that’s when a disruptor like SquadLocker creates a new way.

The tech-led apparel company is leaning into their strong strategic vendor agreements to ensure that teams aren’t left pulling together a uniform with electrical tape and permanent markers.

«We’re in an excellent position to support teams and leagues across the country,» SquadLocker president Scott Brazina states. «Our sublimated supply chain is deep and strong. Together with our partners, we’ve forecasted many scenarios and placed ourselves in a position to not only meet existing demand, but support more.»

Through SquadLocker’s platform, anyone from a small travel team to a multi-level organization with thousands of athletes can set up a free online store, invite players to shop, and have it all delivered direct. Without minimums, order windows, or intensive administrative oversight.

«If you haven’t checked in with your uniform provider, now is the time,» Goldberg concludes. «Amid the challenges, we’re driven by a mission to help people win back more time so they can coach more, mentor more, and stress a whole lot less. Our only option is to succeed.»

About SquadLocker

SquadLocker is a tech-led apparel and service company transforming the way sports organizations, schools, and businesses develop and distribute custom goods. Through its collaborative software platform, SquadLocker offers a suite of free services that free up time, offer brand control, and alleviate the burdens of managing and distributing custom apparel and goods. To learn more, visit squadlocker.com.

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