Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee Healthcare Facilities Stepping Up Commitment to Control Coronavirus Spread and Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The CDC recommends soles be disinfected as part of hygiene protocols, as deadly pathogens, including coronavirus, can be quickly spread to other surfaces. Studies show floors are a significant source of dangerous pathogens and limiting these pathogens through shoe sanitizing protocols can greatly reduce the spread of harmful diseases (Koganti, 2016) and reduce HAIs (healthcare-associated infections). The average cost to treat a HAI is $22,000 and the total cost of HAIs to the US economy is $35 Billion annually.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Nursing/Rehabilitation facilities throughout the Southeast are stepping up their commitment to decrease the spread of Human Coronavirus and other deadly pathogens by incorporating the multi- patented PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe sanitizing stations. AdventHealth, Clear Choice Health Care, Norton Healthcare, Agape Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Cornerstone Village, Christian Care Centers of Memphis, Christian Care Center of Kuttawa, and Sweetwater Nursing and Rehabilitation have implemented the cutting-edge technology in their fight to control coronavirus spread and reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs).

About UVZone

  • Four (4) patents
  • UL-Certified
  • ISO 9001 facility
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Eliminates up to 99.999% of infectious bacteria, virus, and fungi including MRSA, C. diff, E. coli, Candida Auris and Klebsiella Pneumoniae
  • Eight (8) seconds to use
  • Zero (0) Human coronavirus residue on footwear after use
  • 110 times more effective than UVC light against pathogens
  • Over 24 times more effective than UVC light at eliminating Human coronavirus

AdventHealth Connerton (FL) has incorporated eight (8) shoe sanitizing stations and is seeing dramatically reduced infection rates. AdventHealth Connerton VP and COO Debi Martoccio explains the benefits they have seen: «We have updated our HAI rate graphs and the reduction that we’ve seen since Feb 2019 (PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe disinfection technology implementation date) is 53% through March 2020We have always had a lower than expected HAI rate at our facility. However, since the inception of the PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe disinfection technology and other infection control measures, we have reduced our HAI rate by 53%.» 

Clear Choice Health Care, LLC (Melbourne, FL) was the first in Florida to create a COVID-ONLY facility, Dolphin Pointe Health Center, a first of its kind transitional facility in Jacksonville, FL. Clear Choice manages eleven (11) Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities in Florida, all of which have implemented the UVZone shoe sanitizing stations. Geoff Fraser, Partner, Clear Choice Health Care, LLC says, «We at Clear Choice Health Care believe so strongly in the PathO3Gen Solutions Ozone+UVC disinfection technology that I recommended all eleven (11) of the facilities we manage implement the UVZone to ensure that each facility was doing all they could to provide a visible sign of safety and maintain cleaner environments. Being the first in Florida to create an All-Covid facility (Dolphin Pointe Health Care), I was excited to find this new technology to help stop the spread of pathogens, including coronavirus.»

Louisville-based Be U.V. Well, LLC, a distributor of the PathO3Gen UVZone shoe sanitizing station, supplied units to the Tennessee and Kentucky region. Vice President, Ed Marcellino says, «Be U.V. Well prides ourselves on representing new and innovative technology. Bringing PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe sanitizing stations to the Southeast region, when and where we are really needing it, is very satisfying for me. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our company was convinced the UVZone has applications in healthcare but also food, manufacturing, hospitality, and nursing homes. The plug and play installation is a great feature, allowing facilities to easily put these units anywhere they are needed.»

Ten (10) additional facilities including Agape Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Tennessee), Cornerstone Village (Tennessee), Christian Care Centers of Memphis (Tennessee), Christian Care Center of Kuttawa (Kentucky), and Sweetwater Nursing and Rehabilitation (Tennessee) have acquired the UVZone shoe sanitizing stations. «It’s been great to be able to show the community our commitment to safety by incorporating the PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Station. It’s so simple to use and takes only a few seconds to increase our safety protocols.»

Bartlee Norton, Administrator, Sweetwater Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Sweetwater, TN.

Norton Healthcare (Louisville, KY) installed twenty-five (25) UVZone shoe sanitizing stations at six (6) locations throughout Louisville as part of their ongoing effort to increase safety protocols. Norton Healthcare has started using the UVZone shoe sanitizers at entryways because soles carry pathogens that could spread throughout the hospital. These sanitizers deliver a dose of ozone and higher-frequency ultraviolet light to kill 99.999% of infection-causing germs in seconds.

«I would feel comfortable having a member of my family as a patient at Norton Healthcare due in large part to the increased awareness of cleanliness practices,» said Justin Thornsberry, R.N., director of quality and clinical effectiveness for Norton Audubon Hospital. «We use all available technology to keep the environment safer for patients and employees.»

From Scott Beal, COO, PathO3Gen Solutions:

«The goal of PathO3Gen Solutions is to prevent infections and save lives by creating cleaner and safer environments. There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing our UVZone shoe disinfection technology on the ground, when and where it really matters the most.»

About UVZone

The UVZone shoe disinfection technology is the first and only UL Certified, proactive disinfection equipment using an exclusive and multi-patented combination of Ozone (O3) + UVC. The patented technology is proven to be 110x more effective against deadly pathogens, and over 24x more effective at eliminating Human Coronavirus, than UVC alone. It eliminates up to 99.999% of the deadliest pathogens, including bacteria and fungi, and leaves zero (0) Human Coronavirus residue on footwear. The UVZone shoe sanitizing station is easy to use with any footwear or shoe cover and plugs into a standard outlet. 

About PathO3Gen Solutions

PathO3Gen Solutions sole mission is to prevent infections and save lives by creating cleaner and safer environments. The privately held Florida-based company holds multiple patents on their technology and equipment. The UVZone shoe sanitizing station is UL Certified and manufactured by an IS0 9001 facility in the U.S.Awww.patho3gen.com 

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