Argentina Reaffirms Its Sovereignty Over Malvinas to the UN

Argentina Reaffirms Its Sovereignty Over Malvinas to the UN

Santiago Cafiero, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, reaffirmed Thursday at the United Nations the country’s sovereign right over Malvinas, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands and their respective maritime space.

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During his address to the UN, the Argentine Minister denounced UK’s continues denial to resume the bilateral negotiations regarding this issue. The FM also condemned the violation of Argentina’s territorial integrity by the integrity. He said that Argentina reiterates its commitment to the recovery of the effective exercise of our sovereignty.

«The arguments that support our position are known because we have been repeating them for 189 years,» he said. He continued to say that the integrity of Argentina should be respected, as it was broken in an act of force when London colonized the island back in 1833, resulting in the ethnic composition of the islands.

Cafiero highlighted that the armed conflict of 1982 between both parties did not affect the nature of the sovereignty dispute, calling for resuming the pending negotiations regarding the issue. He urged the UK to accomplish what was stated in the resolutions of the UN General Assembly.

El canciller Santiago Cafiero aseguró que el desafío argentino en el reclamo por la soberanía de las Islas Malvinas «es continuar con un proceso de sensibilización que la Argentina ha venido llevado adelante desde hace muchos años»

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June 23, 2022

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero assured that the Argentine challenge in the claim for the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands «is to continue with a process of awareness that Argentina has been carrying out for many years.»

The Argentine official continued to say that the country is engaging in efforts to resolve such conflict soon, per stipulations in the UN Charter. «For the United Kingdom, the Malvinas is domination, speculation, and opportunism. For us, it is sovereignty, justice, and pain for those who fell in the war,» he added.

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